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Hudson Valley Native and Traveling Storyteller 

I grew up in a quintessential small town. The type of town that's most often seen in your favorite television drama.

This is the type of small town where you can't walk outside without bumping into an acquaintance, friend or family member. Sometimes this means bumping into all three, for better or for worse. When I say small, I mean that this is a town that had a graduating class of just over 100 students that I practically grew up alongside with from birth. This is the place that has built me in every way, shape and form imaginable. But if there's one thing I'm glad it brought me above all else, it's the value of connection and sincerity that I've gained over the years.  


These values are what pushed me to pursue the development of my blog, Hudson Hotspots where I write about food, travel, and entertainment in the Hudson Valley and beyond. It's also what inspired me to pursue my career in public relations as I'm constantly looking to help others share their own story and connect with others. As an integrated marketing communication professional, I've dedicated my career to facilitating relationships in an ever-changing media industry through my work on client accounts and campaigns. 


While I will continue to evolve in both my personal and professional life as I embark on future journeys,  I will always value the many connections made along the way.

Talk soon,






Kerri-Ann Seredinsky

Freelance Writer + PR Professional